About Us

Cindy Peterhans

Financial Advisor


I chose to go into this profession out of a sincere desire to assist individuals who wanted to be helped to secure their financial future and protect their dreams. I believe that:

The interests of my clients are best served through a relationship based on mutual trust and respect. They deserve to be told the absolute truth all the time.

My clients must want my help. Though I will tell people what I believe they should do, and will encourage them to do it. I will not expend extraordinary effort in trying to "make them do it."

I believe financial success begins with understanding the core values and goals of my clients. Each client has unique needs requiring personalized solutions.

The development and implementation of a long-term financial plan will provide my clients with the best opportunity to secure their family's future and reduce the stress caused by financial uncertainty.

To enhance my clients' ability to achieve their financial goals I will exercise my independent judgment and refuse to be swayed by current trends.

I will succeed only if my clients succeed. When clients have a clear vision of their goals and objectives they believe in them and work with me to achieve them.

Mutual funds are distributed through Desjardins Financial Security Investments Inc.