What Can a Financial Planner Offer You?

Investment Plan


  • Review of existing investments

  • Risk profile assessment, including risk tolerance capacity, and any constraints to investing

  • Straightforward discussion about your investments in language you will understand

  • Determining goals for money to be invested

  • Investment strategies

  • Discussion around asset protection and estate issues including tax minimization and efficiency

Financial Plan


  • Determination of goals

  • Cash Flow & Debt Management

  • Retirement Planning

  • Tax minimization and efficiency

  • Investment Examination & Assessment (accumulation, growth, protection and transition)

  • Insurance Planning/Risk Management (income and asset protection)

  • Estate Planning concerns

Corporate Financial Planning


  • Cash Flow and Corporate Financials

  • Succession of Business

  • Review of Buy/Sell Agreements

  • Insurance Planning/Risk Management

Retirement Planning


  • Assessment of assets, debts, investments and pensions

  • Review of cash flow (income and expenses)

  • Goal determination

  • Retirement projections

  • Estate Planning concerns

  • Tax minimization and efficiency

  • Insurance Planning, Risk Management, Extended Health Care

Retirement Projection 

We will provide a streamlined analysis of what you have and what this means to you financially.


  • Assessment of assets, debts and investments including pensions

  • Recommendations

Cash Flow Planning


  • Net Worth Statement (assessing assets and liabilities and their use)

  • Determination of SMART goals – where do you want to be? (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely)

  • Review sources of Income

  • A written Cash Flow Plan

  • budget planning

  • cash flow analysis and projections

  • mortgage and debt analysis

  • RRSP & investment loans

Estate Planning* 


  • Analysis of your existing plan

  • Determine your legacy goals and distribution plans

  • Assessment of current assets and liabilities including pensions and properties with an emphasis on tax and probate considerations

  • Advice and discussion of a Will, Power of Attorney documents and Guardianship

  • Advice and discussion surrounding the role of the Executor

  • Discussion surrounding the blended family situation (if applicable), families with special needs members and existing current relationships

  • tax-efficient asset transfers

  • planned giving strategies

  • transition and executor assistance

  • business succession planning

Insurance Planning


  • Analysis of current Insurance policies in place such as Life, Disability, Critical Illness (including employer group benefits insurance)

  • Insurance Needs Analysis

  • Education of different types of Insurance

  • Purpose of insurance

  • Buy / Sell agreements

  • Keyman insurance

* Thanks to the support of a dynamic team and the assistance of financial service-related experts, I am able to offer you a full range of services and advice on tax and legal issues that will benefit your financial security situation.

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